FDOB’s mission is to introduce modern orthopaedic care to Burundi and to make this accessible to all members of society, particularly the poor and disadvantaged.

We will target those persons who have been injured or who are afflicted with conditions such as chronic bone infection (osteomyelitis), disabling arthritis, old fractures that have healed wrongly or failed to heal and congenital deformities such as clubfoot.

Our first goal is to prevent the injured from becoming permanently disabled by making modern fracture care available to everyone. Secondly, we intend to use our expertise and resources to help those with existing handicaps to function optimally using surgical or non-surgical means.

FDOB may be small at the present time and the task may be daunting, but we intend to solicit help from the rich countries by encouraging monetary donations and by inviting interested medical specialists and other healthcare workers to come and share the work and teaching load.

Above all, the orthopaedic care we offer must be of a high standard, comparable to the wealthy countries.

Multiple fractures. Preparing for surgery

Locked nailing of tibial fracture

Eric, 13 years recovering from hippopotamus attack

Day after forearm surgery to correct deformity


Neglected traumatic hip dislocation

Old,malunited tibial fracture

Chronic osteomyelitis of tibia

Child standing on un-treated clubfeet

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