Who we are

Barnabé Karorero, Danièle Després, Chris Carter

The founding members of FDOB are:

Chris Carter, Canadian orthopaedic surgeon.

Danièle Després, Canadian nurse and midwife .

Barnabé Karorero, Burundian, teacher, university professor and business man.

Other members of FDOB and its Burundian based sister organisation, ADOB:

      • Reda Eissa, Egyptian orthopaedic surgeon working in Burundi since 2008.

Reda Eissa

  • Jean-Claude Niyondiko, Burundian general surgeon working in the University Hospital in Bujumbura.
  • Jean-Claude Niyondiko


    Dr. Shabani , the one anesthesist doctor in Bururundi


    Divine and Alexis , Anesthesists techniciens working with our team in CMCC


    Dr. A. Nifasha Burudian, surgeon and François, nurse . Both working with us at Bumerec hospital


    The team working with us at Rema hospital 2012


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